Thursday, May 22, 2008

Something else...too

Something else...too

You were in a dream last night.

It was a rich one with lots of color, images and textures.

It startled me but then I am not surprised.

I've expressed myself over that last two years through metaphor and poems, 

images and words.

But still do not feel understood or heard.

Like you said once, maybe it was the longing that was the gift.

Only my heart doesn't know the difference and for me it wasn't 'just longing'.

It was real enough.

I don't know why you want to come and disturb what's left.

The time capsule that you want to paw through, dissect or update with your

'list of things'

-Or take trophy for your new life....

For me there is only more breaking.

© Karen Joyce 5/2008


 Rising up from a place             not seen, heard or loved. A real melting in the dark,           in the falling rain ☔                   ...

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